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Interior Design at Dragonfly

Design is a very personal reaction to a space and Dragonfly provides a service which takes our customers from concept to completion. Our design services support our design partners by providing a consultancy service that ultimately aims to change the way people work and use space by producing motivating environments. Our designers focus on efficiency, culture, brand and connectivity and work with our wider team to deliver a robust design which reflects the critical relationships between concept and construction.

Over 20 years experience in interior construction.

Collaborative process

The design team at Dragonfly will support our partners either by  taking a high-level concept and detailing every element of the project, or by leading the design and interpreting the client’s brief to design a finished scheme that all parties can be proud of. Client engagement is vital during the development phase of a design, and this must continue right through to handover. Once a design is finalised, our design team chairs regular meetings with the client and the site team throughout project delivery to ensure that the drawings are brought to life.

Make your brand stand out

At least one member of our design team will be present at any initial client meeting to take a detailed design brief. Whether you want to rebrand your business or make your original stand out, our designers are experts in creating exciting and on-trend schemes.

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