Identify the need
Dragonfly can assist in assessing your existing or future space by quickly defining your requirements and advising if they fit or meet your business objectives.

Prepare plans
When the space has been selected the previously identified requirements are translated into initial plans and performance specifications. The plans form the basis of the scheme and a detailed budget is prepared for discussion.

Produce a detailed scheme
When the outline plan and budget is agreed we then focus on the interior finishes this is can be supported by use of visuals and visits to suppliers, showrooms and existing sites.

Each client has an appointed project team including designer and project manager and together they programme and deliver the project to completion. All Heath and Safety, Statutory approvals, on site insurances and warranties are managed by Dragonfly on your behalf.

Dragonfly will present a CD-ROM or hard copy containing details of how everything works and should be maintained. The O&M manual will assist with protecting your asset and extending its longevity. Dragonfly can also quote and prepare a full FM schedule so that we can maintain the space on your behalf.